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In Indian pharmacopeia the precious Ratnas i.e. precious stones are supposed to be capable of binding with mercury. As therapeutic agents they are supposed to stabilize the body and delay the ageing process in addition to curing a number of somatic and psychic diseases. While astrologically they are understood to counter ill effects of the different grahas, in Ayurveda they are supposed to cure a number of diseases by establishing equilibrium of bodily humors i.e. dosas and tissue factors i.e. dhatus.

To be used as therapeutic agents they are first physically and chemically purified & detoxified by specific process by using specific organic substances and then converted in form of Precious Bhasmas & Pishti.

Raj Ayurvedic & Pharmacy is a proud Manufacturer of finest quality of the Precious Bhasma & Pishti for last seven decades and ensures their coek acchi cmpny ntinuous supply to esteemed customers at economical costs throughout the year. We specialize in offering Gomedmani Bhasma, Gomedmani Pishti, Manikya Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma and Rajat Bhasma.

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Price                   M.R.P .  

Rajat Bhasma


Rasatantra sara

1 Kg/- 75,000/- -----/-
250 gm./- 19,000/- -----/-
100 Kg/- 8,000/- ----/-
Prawal Panchamirat With Moti

For Calcium

Rasatantra sara
1 Kg/- 13,000/- 17,550/-
250 gm./- 3,500/- 4,725/-
100 Kg/- 1,500/- 2,025/-
Mukta Pishti

Heart Diseases

100 gm/- 5,000/- .....
10 gm/- 600/- .....
Kamdudha With Moti


Rasatantra sara
1 Kg/- 4,000/- 5,400/-
250 gm./- 1,125/- 1,518/-
100 Kg/- 500/- 675/-
Mahavat Chintamani Ras

Rasatantra sara
10 Kg/- 7000/- ----/-
Yogendra Ras

Rasatantra sara
10 Kg/- 7,500/- ----/-
Swarn Basant Malati(Laghu)

Rasatantra sara
10 Kg/- 3,000/- ----/-
Swarn Basant Malati(Brahad)

Rasatantra sara
10 Kg/- 6,000/- ----/-
Soot Shekhar with Mukta

Rasatantra sara
10 Kg/- 2,500/- ----/-
Swarn Soot Shekhar

Rasatantra sara
10 Kg/- 3,000/- ----/-
Bhasant Kusumakar

Rasatantra sara
10 Kg/- 5,000/- ----/-