About Us

Raj Ayurvedic Pharmacy is a manufacturing and high quality Shastrokat & Patent Ayurvedic Medicine namely Kupipakva Rasayan,Parpati, Bhasm,Pishti,Kharliya,Gutika,Vati,Loh,Mandoor, Chhar and other Shodhit Dravyon.These will be manufectured by latest machine on the basic of centuries-old Ayurvedic System in the supervision of perfect and experienced Vaidyas.
We use essence of fresh herbs,Kwath ki Bhawana and Shodhit Dravya in the manufecture of medicine with inculcated sprit of human service. Bhasms are extracted as per ancient derivation techniques and in the process of the same dung cake are used as fuel. The Company on the basic of our quality medicines is indebted to our Ayurvedic Doctors, Patent Medicine Mfrs. Charitable Ayurvedic Hospital & Bulk purchasers who always inspired and cooperated us resulting into upliftment of our company.We convey our sincere gratitude to our respected companions and earnestly request you to continue to give our affection and cooperaion as usual.



Late Shree Rajveer Singh Raghav

(Founder : Raj Ayurvidic Pharmacy)